At Halla Chemical our extensive research and knowledge provides the perfect balance of

Economic Success, Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection.
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From the beginning our goal at Halla Chemical was to provide the highest of quality raw materials that would benefit our customers as well as the environment. We are a family business that deals with honor and integrity in all that we do. We believe in our products and the relationships we have with our customers.
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Our Products

We sell raw materials for Foam Part and C.A.S.E. (Coating Adhesive Sealant Elastomer) and have extensive knowledge about what each material can do for your company. We have the ability to provide raw materials globally and on-time.

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Technical Support

Halla Chemical knows the Polyurethane Industry. We are dedicated to researching trends, studying new products & pushing those products to the limits in our labs. We do all of the fact finding, we will not sell a product that we do not believe in. We are able to recommend the best material for your product and provide informative technical support.

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